The analysis of an optical fibre communication system using laser rate equations


  • H N Kundaeli Department of Physics, University of Dar-es-Salaam, P. O. Box 35063, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Fibre dispersion has been the main limitation to high-speed data transmissions employing optical fibres. Various techniques and methods for combating this limitation have therefore been proposed. Such techniques include electrical and optical dispersion compensation, optical and electrical pulse shaping, and modifications of the fibre dispersion profiles. Some of these techniques and methods have resulted into very effective but expensive systems, and it has been difficult to adopt them. Others have resulted into inexpensive systems with moderate performance, and some of these have been adopted. In the present paper, the effect of electrical pulse shaping on dispersion-induced pulse distortion is investigated by computer simulation techniques. The results show that the detrimental effects of the dispersion can be greatly reduced without incurring very high costs. Moreover, this method is applicable to systems employing standard optical fibres, the major component in the already installed systems. 



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