Geomorphological Potential of Coelacanth Habitat across Mozambique-Tanzania Border


  • N. Nyandwi University of Dar esSalaam, Institute of Marine Sciences, P. O. Box 668, Zanzibar - Tanzania


The coelacanth is a new fish in Tanzania. It was first discovered in September 2003 after it was spotted by a tourist in a fish market. It was caught by fishermen in the deep waters off Songo Mnara Island offshore of Kilwa Masoko Town in Southern Tanzania. The find potentially added southern Tanzania to the list of known coelacanth areas of the southern Western Indian Ocean Region. Observed current conditions indicate that the waters are swept by strong (2 m/sec) northward flowing current. This suggests that there must exist hideouts for the fish, such as caves in canyons and overhangs. Carefully analysed single cruise bathymetric data obtained from the region indicate existence of canyons off the Tanzania- Mozambique border region, which are believed to provide habitat to the fish. The data point to the potential of the area as habitat for the elusive coelacanth.




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