Zooplankton communities of selected stations of Lake Victoria


  • RK Waya Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, Sota Station PO Box 46, Shirati, Tanzania
  • JA Mwambungu Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, Kyela Centre PO Box 98, Kyela, Tanzania


Species composition and diversity of zooplankton communities of Lake Victoria (Tanzanian waters) were studied. In the shallow waters zooplankton were collected between March and April, and between August and December 2000. In deeper waters zooplankton were collected in August 2001. Overall, 20 genera and 29 species of zooplankton were observed in the shallow waters whereas 12 genera and 20 species of zooplankton were encountered in the deeper waters. The highest abundance was recorded in the deeper waters (2,481,633-2). In the shallow waters the cyclopoid copepods dominated the zooplankton community, the common species being Thermocyclops emini and Thermocyclops neglectus. In the deeper waters the calanoid copepod Thermodiaptomus galeboides dominated. The abundance of cladocera increased with depth, the common species was Daphnia lumhortzi. In the shallow waters the cyclopoid contributed much to biomass as opposed to the calanoid in the deeper waters.




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